11 Facts to Know if You're Considering a Nursing Career

Nurses are some of the most important caregivers in modern society. Not only do these valuable people provide critical wellness care to patients, but the need for specialized trainees continues to grow.

Andrew Charles, Partner
3-minute read

Nursing is becoming more complex and demanding as technology advances the roles of these frontline workers. If you are one of those special people who want to train for a career in medicine, here are a few facts you need to know about a nursing profession.

1. There's a persistent need for nurses

If you are looking for a stable career, selecting nursing is a smart move. Expectations are that 15 percent more nurses will be needed by 2025, and that's a big jump in job security.

2. Nursing will keep you moving

If you like to walk, nursing is the profession for you! In a regular shift, a nurse can walk up to five miles a day in a small hospital, and over seven miles in a larger unit. Perhaps that's why shoe manufacturers have designed special shoes just for nurses.

3. Nurses are tech-savvy

As technology continually changes in the medical field, nurses must keep up with the latest advancements. The information collected and stored, the testing methods, and the care patients expect continues to change as technological advancements alter the nursing environment.

4. Nursing is an ancient profession

Florence Nightingale is often thought of as the first nurse, but records show that honor actually belongs to a woman from the Roman Empire. There were also many nurses spread throughout cities and rural villages during the Middle Ages.

5. The field is going strong

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were approximately four million nurses working in the United States across five nursing occupations. Most are Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). A little under half of them work inside a hospital setting.

6. Nurses are valued

Nurses are highly valued by cities, states, and across the country. In fact, there's a National Nurses Week each year to encourage doctors, hospitals, staffing agencies, and citizens across America to show how much they appreciate the hard-working individuals.

7. There are plentiful education opportunities

Nursing (and nurse practitioners in particular) is seen as the fastest-growing medical profession in the past decade. Although there is an explosive growth rate, the need for more nursing professionals continues. To solve the problem, over 900 nursing programs now offer baccalaureate degrees in colleges and universities across America.

8. You can choose your path

Nurses are not just nurses anymore. In fact, there are many different areas of specialty you can choose during your nursing career. There are surgical nurses, clinical caregivers, community consultants, management specialists, and many more types of certifications and degrees available.

9. Patients trust nurses

According to polls, nurses have rated as the most honest and ethical professionals and have enjoyed that status for the past 18 years. Americans reportedly trust nurses more than any other medical professional because they're seen as compassionate and caring.

10. Nurse practitioners have advanced skills

While prescribing medicine was once limited to doctors, nurse practitioners can now do that and more. These highly-trained individuals can examine patients, make determining judgments, and write medical orders.

11. Nursing can take you places

Nurses are needed around the world, so if you have a wandering soul, you can choose to go just about anywhere once you're licensed. As one of most in-demand occupations, a nurse can relocate with little difficulty if they get the bug to move on to a new city with new experiences.

Whether you're looking for the stability of long-term employment, job security, or emergency room excitement, a career in nursing may be right for you. Why not contact your favorite college and find out what programs they have, and how the classes can fit into your schedule? It may be time to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.