5 Tips for Growing a Successful Business

Starting your own business is a huge feat. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, but if you focus on the right aspects of growth and profitability, you could find success. 

Sam Picard, Partner
3-minute read

Businesses are evolving and there is tough competition among organizations to survive in the market. Startups struggle in their initial stages, and even established businesses have to constantly adopt changes for business growth. More than 40% of the top Fortune 500 companies were not there a decade ago. Understanding the market deeply and determining key performance indicators is crucial for success and growth. Every business goal is connected to profitability and progress, but lack of planning can significantly impact the success of a business. There are a few common themes found in successful businesses. 

Proper planning and structuring

Each step you plan to take to reach business goals should be well-defined in your planning stages. These plans should serve as a blueprint for core business decisions. These initial stages can be complex initially, but well-defined organizational structures help to arrange and allocate finances and human resources accordingly. 

Consistent research

Research shouldn't be restricted to the initial stages of your business. Before starting a new company, market research is crucial – but consistent exploration of industry trends and comparative issues helps find solutions to new glitches that inevitably will arise. Staying informed about what else is happening in the industry will help serve the customer better. 

Opt for ISO accreditations  

Best Practices help businesses get ISO certification. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction, trust, and consistent improvement. Being ISO certified means the company follows strict guidelines to ensure that its products or services are of the highest quality. Your brand image is improved because of your willingness to go through the process to get ISO certification, which also ensures enhanced quality and efficiency of your business.  

With an ISO system, business efficiency and productivity increase, product or service deficiencies are highlighted, product returns are reduced, waste is lowered, and customer complaints decrease. Orders are met consistently according to the correct specification and deliveries are on time. ISO accreditation has been reported for better sales growth in comparison to businesses that are not certified. 

Small business must opt for ISO standard certification to grow successfully – establishing even processes right from the start proves to be beneficial over time, especially for startups. Startups can consistently offer improved products or services and simultaneously create a solid foundation for effective growth and expansion. The key benefits of introducing ISO 9001 certification includes:

  • Structured and effective process management
  • Enhanced quality and customer service
  • Business risk assessment
  • Consistent process
  • High customer satisfaction & retention
  • Enhanced brand awareness and credibility
  • Valuable and accurate data for decision making
  • Increased ROI

Ideal marketing strategy

Determine a marketing strategy based on your business type, niche, budget, target market, and the results from your initial research stage. Choose the appropriate tools to market your business, be it social media channels, an active blog, paid advertising on other websites or similar businesses, or campaigns with a mix of these tools. Marketing is crucial – it can play a large role in the success of your business, but it requires significant attention. 

Financial planning

Running a business without sufficient funds is impossible. Sticking to your budget will ensure easy cash flow, enough resources, and liquidity. In your planning stages you should be determining how to raise business capital – but be aware of interest payments.

Consider capital appreciation and ensure that there is a sufficient contingency reserve to prevent possible losses. 

Make sure to be transparent while sharing product details and remember that the chances of success are high if your business idea is innovative and you have sufficient planning.