Adopt a CEO Mindset

Jeb Blount provides tips on time and territory management.

Jeb Blount
4-minute read

Unfortunately too many salespeople don’t see things this way. They don’t take responsibility and accountability for their own success or failures. They blame the company, product, prices, lack of training, and the boss for their mediocre results. They whine that there is too much paperwork, quotas are too high, and that there is no support. While spending hours of wasted time behind the windshield or shuffling papers, they complain constantly that there “just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.” And ultimately they fail to live up to their true potential.

On the other hand, the top Sales Professionals have adopted the CEO mind-set. They believe that they alone are accountable for their own success or failure. Top Sales Professionals use their time wisely. During the Golden Hours they are either on the phone or face to face with customers or prospects. As the CEO of their own selling company they do not allow anything to intrude on the Golden Hours and they are diligent and disciplined with how and where they spend their time. Top Sales Professionals look at the world through the eyes of a CEO and allocate the scarce resource of time in the most effective way. In doing so they have less stress, more fun, abundant time with their families, and at the same time out earn the average salesperson 5, 10, and sometimes 20 to 1.

Quick and Dirty Tips for Adopting a CEO Mind-set

  • Own Your Territory: Take complete responsibility and accountability for managing your territory. Map your territory and build a daily, weekly, and monthly plan. Allocate your time in the most efficient way to avoid windshield time so that you spend the Golden Hours with prospects and customers who deliver the greatest volume of new sales.