Adopt a CEO Mindset

Jeb Blount provides tips on time and territory management.

Jeb Blount
4-minute read
  • Be Responsible For Your Time: Make sure that you have the tools to manage your time properly – a calendar, PDA, and GPS are critical. Plan each day and week in advance. Make decisions to move low value activities off of your calendar if those activities are not moving you closer to your sales objectives. At the end of each day review your actions to ensure that you have used your time wisely.

  • Measure Your Worth: Take time to get a clear understanding of what each Golden Hour (your prime selling time) is worth. Just take your annual income goal and divide it by the total number of Golden Hours in each year and you’ll find what you are worth per hour. Use this number as a gauge to determine whether a task is moving you towards your goals or away from them. CEOs don’t spend $50 an hour time on $10 an hour tasks.

  • Find Creative Solutions To Problems: We don’t live in a perfect world. No matter how much you plan and how disciplined you are with your time prospects, customers, the boss, and sometimes life will throw you curve balls. The true test of CEOs in the business world is their ability to find creative solutions to inevitable problems. Top Sales Professionals do not allow curve balls to slow them down. They do not blame others. They do not make excuses. Instead, when faced with roadblocks, they adopt the CEO mind-set and find creative solutions that allow them to work around problems and deliver results.

This is Jeb Blount. Thank you for joining me on the Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast.

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