Anatomy of an Attractive Résumé [INFOGRAPHIC]

No matter what job you apply for, your resume will inevitably end up in a stack on someone's desk. Guest author and Ragan.com editor Kristin Piombino explains how to make yours the most appealing in the pile.

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Job competition is stiff these days.

One in 4 HR managers receives 50 resumes per job listing. One in 10 HR managers receives 100 resumes per listing.

These stats are intimidating, but don't lose hope. You just have to make your resume better than the rest.

An infographic from TopCounselingSchools.org offers tips to turn your resume into the most attractive in the pile. Grab a pen—you have work to do.

But first, a peek at some of the tips:

Think in keywords. Chances are a person—or a machine—will scan your resume for keywords that match the hiring criteria before someone thoroughly reads it. Use keywords from the job listing to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Highlight relevant experience. Seventy-seven percent of HR managers say they value relevant experience in a candidate. Don't list irrelevant accolades just to fill space.

Be clear and concise. Don't babble. Tell the recruiter who you are and how you can help the company.

Avoid cocky language. The key to a strong resume is to talk about your accomplishments without sounding like you're bragging. Avoid starting sentences with "I," and stick to short bullet points that begin with action verbs.

Check out the full graphic and post your thoughts in Comments below.

The Anatomy Of A Great Resume

Source: Top Counseling Schools

This article first appeared on Ragan.com.

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Kristin Piombino is the associate editor of Ragan.com.  

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