Are All Customers Good Customers?

In Jeb Blount asks the question: Are all customers good customers? Learn when it is time to walk away.

Jeb Blount
3-minute read

Make Sure You Know Who You Are As a Company

What is your value proposition? How do you position yourself in the market - to prospects and to current customers? Do you sell complete bundled services or individual components? Are you clearly articulating your offering

Why is this important? If you find yourself in the position you mention in your question often, then it might be a clue that you are doing a poor job of telling your story. In other words your prospects don’t see the value in your bundled solution because you haven’t presented it in a way that connects with them. So you may want to take a look at your presentation material, positioning, and even the questioning methodologies that help you uncover your prospects’ problems.

Make Sure You Are Working with Qualified Prospects

Let’s assume that your presentation is perfect, your value proposition strong, and your price right. Unfortunately, none of that matters if your solution is not of value to your prospect because what they really want are unbundled solutions. It is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The best way to solve this problem is to ask direct questions up front to qualify them before you invest time, energy, and emotion on prospects who are not qualified.

A Sales Guy Bonus: The next time your prospect says, “would you mind going back and giving me the line item costs for each component?” Say (and act surprised), “Wow, that is the first time anyone has ever asked me to do that. You know the reason that so many businesses choose us is because we come to the table with a complete solution (add your value proposition here). I’m just curious, why is getting a breakdown of cost by component so important to you?” Then shut-up and listen. Your prospect will tell you everything you need to know to either deal with the objection or to shake hands and politely walk away. Either way you and your prospect will be closer to achieving your business goals.

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