Building a High-performing Sales Team

A strong sales team makes all of the individuals on the team better.

Jeb Blount
4-minute read

Sales is uniquely an individual occupation. Most Sales Professionals are lone wolves hired to close new business or manage existing relationships. But being part of a high-performing team can have a positive impact on your career and job satisfaction.

The Importance of a Team

I spent Friday night in the emergency room. My 11 year-old son ran into one of his team mates while going after a fly ball in that evening’s little league game and sustained a concussion. As we sat in the waiting room he was somber and scared. At one point he just started crying. I felt so bad for him. He was having a hard time remembering what had happened to him and he really just wanted to go home. At that moment I looked up to see 13 teal jerseys coming down the hall. We’d left the game in the 3rd inning and as soon as the game was over his entire team came to the hospital to see him.

He instantly perked up. He started smiling and laughing as his teammates recounted the collision that had sent him to the ER. Suddenly the fear of being in the emergency room vanished and things were back to normal-- just a bunch of little leaguers cutting up and having fun. After the team left I noticed that his mood remained upbeat. With the support of his team he found the courage to put a smile on his face and deal with his situation.

When I look back at my sales career, I closed a ton of deals, won just about every sales trophy possible, and earned some huge commission checks. But what I remember most are the amazing teams I was on. I remember how we supported each other and challenged each other to achieve; I remembered how we fought, celebrated, and had fun. In fact, my most successful, highest earning years were when I was a member of a high-performing team.