Don't Let a Toxic Boss Ruin Your Career

Do you work for a toxic boss? Do you dread coming to work every day? The Public Speaker explains how to have a successful long-term career despite a difficult boss.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #293

Document All Conversations

Whenever, you have a difficult conversation at work, it's a good idea to document what happened.

After any meeting with your manager, send a follow up email to recap the discussion. Keep it professional. You may want to run it by a trusted neutral colleague outside of your company for feedback before you send.  

Second, for your own records, document any discussions you have with your manager, good or bad. Document the language used. Document dates, times, and who else was present during the interaction. You may eventually need to show this documentation to someone higher up, should that become necessary.

Don’t let a toxic boss sideline you! If you can find a better situation, move on. If you choose to stay, do your best work and stand up for yourself. You can have a successful career despite working for a toxic boss.  

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