Forget New Year Resolutions – Set Goals

The surest way to get what you want in the New Year is to set goals.

Jeb Blount
2-minute read

The New Year is full of hope and promise. Unfortunately far too many people squander the opportunity for real change and achievement on New Year Resolutions. In this episode we’ll discuss why Goals are far more effective than resolutions in getting what you want out of the New Year.

New Year resolutions are an age old ritual. These resolutions to change our lives are made with the best of intentions. But most are just feel good hopes.

One of the core problems with resolutions is that they are not real goals. Most are vague and non-specific and few have deadlines. Few are ever written down. Because of this most New Year resolutions are conveniently forgotten by February.

The vast majority of resolutions never come to pass, the hope and promise of opportunity of the New Year lost in wishful thinking.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can make meaningful change in your life and career in the New Year. To do so,forget about New Year resolutions and instead set GOALS. Goals are different than New Year Resolutions. Goals are specific, attainable, governed by timelines and written down. Goals are set by people who take time to consider what they want, build a plan, and execute that plan.

The key to setting effective goals is following five basic rules:

  1. Goals Must Be Specific: This means exact, clear, precise, and unambiguous. 

  2. Goals Must Be Time Bound: The act of defining “when” creates urgency. Urgency forces action, harnessing your desire, removing complacency, and overcoming procrastination.

  3. Goals Must Be Attainable: It is important to shoot for the stars and ignore the limits. However, if too many of your goals are long shots you’ll end up becoming frustrated. Getting regular wins helps you stay motivated and on track.

  4. Goals Have Steps to Success: Big goals are always achieved through a series of small, measurable steps, and these Steps to Success (your plan) must be defined and written down if you want your big dreams to come true.

  5. Goals Must Be Written Down: A written goal is a powerful force. It constantly tugs at you, pulling and pushing you towards your destination. It is there, written in stone, and it cannot be ignored until it has been reached. 

To help you set and achieve your goals I’ve created the 2010 Goals & Planning Guide. This free workbook takes you step-by-step through the process planning and setting winning goals. It is an excellent tool for individuals and entire sales teams. To download your free 2010 Goals & Planning Guide just go to http://www.freegoalsheet.com

In less than twelve months you will come face to face with another New Year’s Eve. When you look back next year what will you see? The answer to that question will depend on the choices you make today. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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