Got Rapport?

What do elite Sales Professionals know about rapport that you don’t?

Jeb Blount
3-minute read

What top sales professionals have learned to do is get beyond rapport and become so sincerely interested in their prospects and customers that they become friends with them. This is powerful because when a connection is made at this level and a friendship formed, they are virtually guaranteed success.

The Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Building Rapport

  • Strangers Scare Us: There are few things we find as disconcerting as a stranger asking us personal questions. Yet, that is what many salespeople do the first time they meet a new client or prospect. Great Sales Professionals have learned to find common ground on the business level first. Once this bond is established, then they earn the right to get personal and become even more connected.

  • The Name Game: We have been conditioned since childhood to respond to the sound of our own name. When someone uses our name we instantly become more comfortable. In fact, there is no other word more beautiful to our ears. Great Sales Professionals recognize that using names strengthens connections and rapport, and have developed techniques for remembering and using names.

  • Find and Solve Problems: The fastest way to lose rapport is to start selling. Your prospects and customers don't want to be sold. Selling happens when your mouth runneth over with the features and benefits of your product. When you forget about the "sale" and instead focus on listening to your customer and their problems, you earn trust. Trust, is the foundation of all rapport.

  • Shut Up and Listen: Listening is the real key to rapport and for that matter all relationships. Listening is the manifestation of empathy. And empathy is simply our ability to stand in another’s shoes and to learn to be like them. Empathy connects us to other people on the emotional level. Great Sales Professionals listen deeply, paying close attention to words, tone of voice and body language. They focus their complete and sincere attention on the other person quickly developing a strong connection which often leads to friendship and profitable business relationship.

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