How to Effectively Sell Over the Phone

Learn how outside salespeople can become more efficient by selling more over the phone.

Jeb Blount
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We still got on planes and into cars to visit customers. Getting face to face with clients is still the most powerful means of building and anchoring relationships. We also had a few prospects who demanded a face to face meeting. In both cases, because we had done so much work on the phone beforehand, our face to face meetings were more effective and allowed us to developed deeper relationships. We have saved so much money on travel that we have been able to invest more in marketing and trade shows--where we have the chance to meet many of our clients and potential clients face to face in an informal environment.

How to Effectively Sell Over the Phone

If you are in Outside Sales you can become more efficient and effective by learning how to sell over the phone. However, there are some important actions you need to take:

Invest in the right technology. There are dozens of web conferencing tools available today. We use Go To Meeting – who sponsors this show – as well as Glance, depending on the situation. It is critical that you evaluate and choose the tool best for your industry and sales presentation. We’ve compared a dozen or so of these services side by side. If you would like to see our comparison just visit www.FreeSalesStuff.com

Practice pausing. Selling over the phone is more difficult than selling in person because you cannot observe body language. Because of this you will find yourself talking over your customers more often. Learn to pause for a least three seconds after your prospect stops talking before you say anything.

Check your prospect’s pulse often. Likewise, because you can’t see your prospect’s facial expressions when you are presenting you need to stop often and check with your prospect. Ask them questions to ensure that they are still engaged, if what you are presenting makes sense, and if they have questions.

Be a great listener. Listening is the key to becoming great at selling over the phone. You must develop the self-discipline to remain completely focused on your prospect and avoid distractions. When you listen you will find that you build amazing connections with your buyers and uncover real problems that lead to closed deals.

So can you really close deals in your flip flops? For us the answer is yes. In fact we’ve learned that when practicing the right techniques, we can close deals anywhere we can find a quiet place with a phone and Internet connection.

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