How to Handle Election Season at Work

There's an election coming up. And some of your coworkers may want to discuss politics at the office. Here's a tip from Modern Manners Guy: just don't.

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

Regardless of which end of the political spectrum you reside, or how much time you invest in politics in general, everyone is caught up with politicians right now. From the Republican debates, and the upcoming Democratic debate, politics tends to take over our lives in the year leading up to a Presidential election—even making its way into the office with colleagues. Sure, talking sports, or what you did last weekend, are daily interactions with coworkers, but for the next year, politics will be on the tip of everyone's tongue. With that, some unmannerly colleagues insist on taking their political philosophies with them to every meeting and coffee break. But nothing good can come from talking politics in the office. 

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What people tend to forget is that "discussing" politics in the office, isn't like talking about recipes or what new shows to binge-watch on Netflix. In fact, it's not really a discussion at all. It's more yelling, fighting, and trying to "out-statistic" your fellow cube-mate with why your politician is right, their person is sooooo wrong.  I mean, has anyone ever really won an argument about politics with a coworker? It always ends with an eye roll, a deep breath of frustration and mumbling expletives under your breath about that person, while you sulk back to your desk. 

So, before you get the itch to stomp the hallways for your candidate, take it down a couple notches and leave all the political topics at home. Although you may feel comfortable, the office is not your home, and being too open about your political beliefs can ruin a relationship with colleagues, and may be detrimental to your career.

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