Is Social Media Relevant in My Industry?

Business professionals are asking a very valid question: Is social media relevant in my industry?

Jeb Blount

The influence of social media in today’s society is inescapable. Millions of people are linked together on social media sites. They are constantly checking in with these sites, looking people up, and updating their status. Because of this, Social Media as a business tool is gaining traction.

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Hundreds of articles are published weekly on how to best use social media for connecting with customers, and many new books have been written exclusively on how to use social media in business. I even dedicate an entire chapter in my new book, People Buy You, to using social media to build and enhance your personal brand.

Still, most business professionals are asking a very valid question: Is social media relevant in my industry? Take this email we received from Claudino, a Sales Guy podcast subscriber from New Jersey. He writes:

“I am not sure if social media sites are relevant in my industry, it does not seem as though any of the purchasing agents, construction superintendents or utility engineers care about our presence via those sites. I would like to gain any advantage I could but am not sure if those sites could help or how I could get the most out of what they offer.”

If you have similar doubts and questions about the efficacy of social media to your sales efforts listen carefully to what I am about to say.

Do Clients Care About Your Social Media Presence?

Buyers don’t care about your presence on social media sites, they care about your ability to solve their problems. They buy YOU and from YOU because they have trust that YOU will deliver solutions to their business problems and that YOU will be there to back those solutions up.


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