Salespeople Bore Me

Jeb Blount teaches you how to keep your prospects interested and engaged.

Jeb Blount

Do you bore your prospects and customers? Are you losing their attention on calls? These are questions every sales professional should be asking, because if your prospects are not engaged in the sales call with you, your sale is going nowhere.

An Outsider's Perspective on Sales Professionals

Last month I was at a hotel bar in Washington DC having a conversation with a corporate buyer who was in town for a seminar. I love meeting buyers on neutral turf because it gives me the opportunity to pick their brains on buying strategies and their interactions with salespeople. After some small talk I told him about my website, www.SalesGravy.com, and asked him what he thought of the sales profession in general. His response was not at all what I was expecting. He just looked down at his drink and matter-of-factly said, “Salespeople bore me.” His comment caught me so off guard that at first I was speechless. After a moment, though, I regained my composure and said, “That wasn’t exactly what I was expecting you would say. Could you tell me what you mean?”

He said, “Look, I get paid to talk to salespeople and basically that is what I do all day. Now there are some salespeople who I really like working with, but the vast majority bore me to death. They come in, sit down, insincerely ask me how I’m doing, make a comment about something in my office, talk about their company or product, tell me that they are best, ask me to give them my business, and are usually flabbergasted when I don’t. It’s like they are all cut from the same mold.”

Selling Doesn't Just Mean Talking

I asked him a few more clarifying questions but what it came down to was most salespeople he dealt with just couldn’t keep his attention because all they talked about was themselves.


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