Top Salesperson v. Top Manager – What’s the Difference?

Sales Guy's two tips for staying on top.

Sales Guy
September 25, 2012

Top Salesperson v. Top Manager – What’s the Difference?


Question: Why do some top salespeople become top sales managers while others fail miserably?

Answer: Most top sales professionals who make the successful transition to sales management will have two things in common. First, they are coachable. They are willing to listen and learn and because of this, they are able to find a hands-on mentor willing to take the time to help them develop sales leadership skills.

Second, they don’t wait on their company for training that will likely never come or will be minimal at best. Instead, they invest in their own success through reading, audio programs, and self-funded seminars. Through coaching, practice, persistence and passion for leadership, they eventually become sales managers who top salespeople want to work for and garner the respect and admiration of their colleagues, peers, and company.