What's Better Than Being the Best? Being Different

 There are other people who do what you do in the world. Weird right? There’s a way to distinguish yourself, though, and it’s not necessarily by being the best

Stever Robbins
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Episode #409

Conventional wisdom says that being better means… well, being better! But when we now live in a world where many people can be at the top of their field, there’s actually a better way of setting yourself apart.  (BTW, I learned of this idea of different being better than better from Sally Hogshead, in our interview here).

In my interview with Gregory Diehl, author of Brand Identity Breakthrough, we learn that even better than being better, is being different. Being different is also different from being better. But what’s most important is that being different is better. 

You can watch the interview here!

Find Your Unique Offering

Your competitors do the same thing you do. Or do they? You can get noticed more by showing you’re not just providing the same product in a different box. Offer something unique.

If you’re behind the scenes in a business, you probably have enough experience to know what your customers actually need. So satisfy that need in a way no one else does. Then let everyone know what your product does that your nemesis’s product does not.

Your competitors do the same thing you do. Or do they?

Dusty sells costume helmets to Live Action Role Players (those folks who run around in medieval armor and battle with foam swords). Of course, typical helmets are a dime a dozen. But Dusty knows that LARPers are often nerds, and nerds never like to be far from their technology. So Dusty’s helmets have head’s up displays and speakers. Protect your head and play Clash of Clans without the inconvenience of cords and earbuds! A unique offering stood out, and sales took off! When you make what you have different, you see results.

And that’s only the first step. There’s another, powerful way to set yourself apart.

Make Your Brand Distinct

You could pick to sell or create a product which actually is different than what the rest of the marketplace offers. But that’s difficult, and depending on what you’re selling, you may actually need to be a scientist or engineer to remake an existing thing. You don’t want to have to go back to school for an MIT rocket science degree, so make the packaging around your rocket the coolest.


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