Why You Should Use Scripts to Sell Over The Phone

Get tips and advice for building and using scripts to improve presentation skills when cold calling and selling over the phone.

Jeb Blount
June 16, 2010

Cold Calling and selling over the phone are critical to the success of most sales professionals. In article 102, I provided you with the anatomy of a cold call and gave you an example of what a basic cold call sounds like. What you heard was my basic cold call script. It is a script that I’ve repeated so many times I can do it without thinking.

Why You Should Use Scripts to Sell Over the Phone

Why do I use a script? A practiced script makes my voice intonation, speaking style, and flow sound professional.  It also helps me sound competent.

Scripts will make you better at selling over the phone. They will make you sound more professional and knowledgeable. Scripts have the added benefit of freeing your mind to focus on your message and your audience rather than on the words you use. And scripts work so well in sales because we have many repetitive activities, like making cold calls, setting appointments, making follow-up calls, giving elevator speeches, offering product demos, answering questions, making presentations, overcoming objections, and making closes. When you have a script you never have to worry about what to say.

Why Using a Script Helps

If you really want to observe the power of scripts just notice the difference in our president Barack Obama when his is speaking off script. You will notice when he is giving a speech with the teleprompter, which is a script, he is incredibly convincing. But without a script he often stumbles on his words, and makes many of the same mistakes we make in normal conversation. Scripts are what make most politicians compelling personalities.  

Successful Salespeople Use Scripts

Scripts free your mind so you can focus on your message and your audience, not the words you are using.

Over the years I’ve discovered two key differences in salespeople who are successful on the phone and those who are not. The first difference is that successful salespeople overcome their fear of "no" and make calls. The second difference is that they all use scripts. However, when I stand in front of a group of salespeople and utter the word, “script,” the first thing I usually hear are groans. In the face of the overwhelming evidence that scripts work in sales, most salespeople still reject them off hand.

I hear all of the regular excuses, including my favorite, I don’t sound like myself when I use a script.”

To that I answer, Good, that is the whole point. The primary objective of the script is to make you sound different and to project a professional message.”

The rebuttal is always the same, But you don’t understand Jeb, I’ll sound canned.”


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