Are You a Social Media Pack Rat?

May 17 is National Pack Rat Day. In honor of this holiday, learn to declutter your social media profiles with the Public Speaker's 6 easy tips. 

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #251

Tip #4:  Limit the Groups You Join

When I first joined LinkedIn, I added myself to every group that was remotely related to my career or interests. At times, I've joined the groups that LinkedIn recommended for me in their emails.

However, soon enough my email account was overloaded with messages and discussions and I couldn’t keep up. I learned my lesson and removed myself from 95% of these groups, keeping just the ones that truly interested me. Facebook groups can also add to newsfeed clutter, so choose the groups you join carefully and leave the ones that add lots of volume but no benefit to your life.

Tip #5:  Tighten Your Privacy Settings

Check the privacy settings on social media sites you have accounts on to make sure you’re as protected as you want to be.

For example, I recently changed a Facebook setting so that I get to approve posts or photos I’m tagged in before they show up on my timeline. Check to see who can read your tweets or view your photos. I'm also considering making my personal Facebook page private so that listeners of my podcasts know to join the official pages for my shows, rather than my personal page which is only reserved for close friends and family.  

Oh, and why not use National Pack Rat Day as a reminder to change your passwords too? After the recent Heartbleed episode, we can all use an extra layer of security to make sure our personal information doesn't get into the wrong hands. Check out Tech Talker's episode on Safe and Easy Ways to Store Your Passwords for tips on how to manage all your passwords with just one simple app.

Tip #6:  Reconsider Your Social Media Use

My final tip may be the most important one. Take a step back and think about your social media use. Are you easily distracted by it when you should be doing something else? Does it simply eat up too much of your time? I recently removed social media apps from my iPad so I wouldn’t be tempted to check them when I’m with my family.  What are some ways you can limit the constant distraction of social media? Let me know in Comments.

National Pack Rat Day is the perfect reminder that we build up clutter in every aspect of our lives. Don’t be a hoarder: clean up your social media act. 

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