Quick and Dirty Tips Top Podcasts of 2018

Morgan Ratner
2-minute read

You did a lot of listening in 2018! From forming healthy eating habits to overcoming insecurity and learning how to better manage your money, our top downloaded episodes of the past year can help you make the most of this next one. 


Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl covers an age-old topic when it comes to proper grammar usage—when to use "lay" and when to use "lie." In this episode, she talks about how to remember the difference between the two and the proper usage for each tense.

Nutrition Diva

What really motivates someone to change their habits? Nutrition Diva sits down with behavioral economist and best-selling author Dan Ariely to talk about the best ways to make positive lifestyle changes that stick.

Savvy Psychologist

Insecurity is a universal phenomenon—we can all relate to it, but there's a lot we can do (and a lot we shouldn't do) when it creeps up on us. In this episode, Savvy Psychologist shares how to salvage your confidence.

Money Girl 

Living paycheck-to-paycheck can be exhausting—break the cycle with Money Girl's tips for changing your mindset, examining your lifestyle, and creating new habits. From reducing debt to automating savings, learn how to build a better, less stressful, financial life.

Get-It-Done Guy

Multitasking is old news—get on board with parallelism! In this episode, Get-It-Done Guy shares how this strategy can help you to better understand your to-do list.

Get-Fit Guy 

Does exercising at the crack of dawn or dead of night produce the best results? Or is it some time in between? Get-Fit Guy looks at what science has to say about the optimal workout time.

Mighty Mommy 

Mindfulness was all the rage in 2018, especially when it came to parenting. Mighty Mommy shares how incorporating mindfulness into your parenting is not only a gift you can give your children, but a skill they can learn from.

Everyday Einstein 

Get spooked with this Everyday Einstein episode covering the role science might play in our paranormal experiences.

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