The Social Media Gender Gap (Part 2)

Men and women use social media differently. In Part 2 of this series, The Public Speaker explains how we can learn from each other and get better at promoting ourselves and building online relationships. 

Lisa B. Marshall,
February 14, 2014
Episode #238

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What Women Can Learn from Men on LinkedIn

In my conversation, Viveka said that men are better at promoting themselves. Her overarching message for women using LinkedIn is this:

Don’t be afraid to shine!

Women need to quit looking at promoting themselves as bragging and realize it’s a critical part of career growth and customer engagement. Here are some tips from Viveka for promoting yourself on LinkedIn:

  1. List your accomplishments. This isn’t bragging. This is promoting yourself to your target audience and potential clients. If you don’t list your accomplishments, they won’t know why they should hire you or use your services.

  2. Ask people to recommend you. If you have a client or a colleague that you've worked with successfully, ask them to write a LinkedIn recommendation for you. This way, prospective clients or employers could read a personal account of your qualifications.

  3. Post a good, up-to-date photo of yourself. You should look professional and approachable. A headshot where you’re smiling and looking at the camera is best.

Men and women use social media differently. Yes, men may be better at promoting themselves and women may be better at building engaging relationships. But these are both valuable qualities in the marketplace. Let’s take the time to learn from each other!

You can hear my full in-depth interview with Viveka van Rosen on my new podcast, Smart Talk: Inspiring Conversations with Exceptional People.  

Also this week, I've got a great interview with Modern Manners Guy, Richie Frieman.  Visit smarttalksuccess.com/stitcher or smarttalksuccess.com/itunes to listen.  

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