Want to Add Humor to Your Speeches?

Do you need to learn how to be more entertaining when you give presentations or speeches? Lisa B. Marshall, aka The Public Speaker, gives you the tools to be a more engaging speaker.

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Hire Someone to Add Humor to Your Speeches

I’m still continuing to develop my craft. In addition, I’m developing a new keynote, and like you, I’m planning to hire someone to help me with laugh lines. Unfortunately, it's very hard for me to recommend particular people, because it's important that your style of comedy aligns with theirs. Comedy writers tend to stick to one or two styles of humor, so it's important to be sure whoever you pick resonates with your style. But since you specifically asked, here are three you might consider:

Nathan Phillips and Victoria Wellman

Jan McInnis

Judy Carter

However, at the end of your email, you said that you’re looking for five-minute vignettes about your life experiences, and you want them to be conversational, entertaining, and funny. To me, you’re also asking about storytelling. 

Humor and Storytelling

When it comes to developing your stories as an entertaining professional speaker, I recommend Kevin Allison (The Head Instructor at The Story Studio), Doug Stevenson (Creator of The Story Theater Method), and Lou Heckler (Keynote Speaker and Coach).  

By the way, Stever Robbins (Get-It-Done Guy), Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl), and I have all written on storytelling many times: 

I've also written about how to be conversational:

How to Sound Conversational

Finally, as you already know, Toastmasters is a good place to get started with a mentor.  In addition, I would recommend you reach out to your local chapter of the National Speaker's Association and see if you can find another person to mentor you. 

I hope this helps, and let me know what you decide to do. 

This is Lisa B. Marshall changing organizations, changing lives, and changing the world through better communication. If you’d like to learn more about leadership, influence, and communication, I invite you to read my bestselling books, Smart Talk and Ace Your Interview and listen to my other podcast, Smart Talk. As always, your success is my business.   


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