Get-it-Done Guy is now Modern Mentor!

With a new host, a new look, and an exciting direction focused on productivity, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and so much more ... Get-It-Done Guy has become Modern Mentor!

Rachel Cooke
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Get-it-Done Guy is now Modern Mentor!

Living your best life at work isn't always easy. Sometimes, you find yourself overwhelmed, struggling to communicate, and falling short of your goals.

Or you have questions—big ones, small ones, and everything in between. But you want to be independent, to solve your own problems, to own your career path and make … things … happen.

What you need is a mentor—someone who's been there. A person you can trust to point you in the right direction with solid, actionable advice to help you communicate better, ask for what you need, focus your energies, and stay productive in your quest to meet your goals.

That's exactly what Modern Mentor is all about.

I'm Rachel Cooke, and I'm your new host for the Modern Mentor podcast … formerly, Get-It-Done Guy. In January 2020, I stepped in to take the reins for the incomparable Stever Robbins. Stever set off on a new career adventure after dedicating 11 years to helping you "work less, do more, and have a great life."

I've made a career out of helping people perform at their best … always with a dash of fun and humor.

The Quick and Dirty Tips team rebranded Get-It-Done Guy as Modern Mentor to match my fresh voice and perspective. So, here's a little bit about me! I have a background in human resources and organizational psychology, and I've made a career out of helping people perform at their best … always with a dash of fun and humor. I'm also the founder of Lead Above Noise, a leadership and organization development firm with a mission to deliver the insights, tools, and strategies that empower people and teams to achieve their fullest potential. You can visit my website at LeadAboveNoise.com to learn more.

I'm looking forward to walking this career road with you as a trusted friend and advisor. And I'd love to hear from you! What career goals can I help you strive for? Are there any day-to-day work-life challenges we can take on together? Drop me an email at modernmentor@quickanddirtytips.com, or call the Modern Mentor listener line at 201-632-5656.

About the Author

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke is a leadership and workplace expert who holds her M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Founder of Lead Above Noise, she has been named a top 100 Leadership Speaker by Inc. Magazine and has been featured in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, and many more.

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