Do I Really Have to Pay Taxes?

Paying taxes: legal plan or big, fat sham?

Adam Freedman
4-minute read
Episode #089

Do I Really Have to Pay Taxes?

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Today, with the memory of April 15 still fresh, we take a look at Taxes.

Do I Really Have to Pay Taxes?

When you filed your tax return this year, did you hear a little voice asking “is this really necessary?” If so, you’re not alone. Brandon from Louisiana asks:

Is there a law stating that I have to pay federal income taxes?  If so, where is it in writing?

Well done, Brandon – it’s time that somebody had the nerve to ask that question. And I’m glad it wasn’t me. I think I can shed some light on this topic, even though the short answer is if you earn income, you probably have to pay federal income tax.



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