Keep Paper or Toss - Just Know Which!

Legal Lad and Get-it-Done Guy tell you what paperwork you need to keep and how long.

Michael W. Flynn
4-minute read

For other items, like academic records, find out if you can get them again if you need them. If so, toss the paper. Believe me, your school will be thrilled beyond belief to forward your transcript to you should you need it again in the future. After all, you'll have to give them your mailing address so they'll be able to hit you up for money.

LL: Last, there are several ways to keep documents.  You should keep temporary documents in a file cabinet or drawer in your home or office that is well-organized. For those documents that require the originals, you can consider a home safe or bank safety deposit box. If you have access to a high-speed scanner, you can also just scan documents into a PDF format and save them on your computer and back up system. Most modern copiers have scanning capabilities.

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