5 Things a Boss Should Never Say

No one wants to beat down enthusiasm and dedication in employees. Yet, we’ve all seen it happen. It’s amazing how a few words from the boss can change everything.

Lisa B. Marshall
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If you are the boss who does everything, don’t be surprised if employees are saying behind your back, “Don’t worry about that report. Mark always corrects them anyway. You should just let him do it.”

That’s not good. You need to be able to delegate tasks and trust their efforts. If you step in too quickly, or too often, employees will begin to depend on you instead of learning to work independently.

#4 “Well,  personally, I don’t agree with management on this one!”

Never share any disagreements or personal issues you might have with your supervisor or the within the senior team. Management, like parents, should be seen as a united front working together toward a shared vision. Without unity you destroy trust. Once management decisions are reached, it’s you job to support them and to rally your team behind them as well.

#5 “Do it because I said so!”

I’ve admitted before that I’ve actually uttered these words myself. It was my worst moment as a manager. Threats are never a good idea. Employees, especially younger employees, will often ask why a task needs to be completed. And it’s not unreasonable to provide a little clarity and context on assignments—in fact, it’s good for their professional development to understand the bigger picture. No one should do what you want simply based on your title. However, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that an employee can choose not to do something, just because he or she doesn’t like your response.  

So there you have it; 5 things the boss should never say. You should follow these tips because I said so. I don’t really agree with all of them, but you should give them a try. Here, let me help you. Oh, never mind, I’m too busy, I can’t help you anyway. You know, it’s just not the way we do it around here!

This is Lisa B. Marshall, passionate about communication; you success is my business.


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