The Social Media Gender Gap (Part 1)

Men and women use social media differently. The Public Speaker explains how we can learn from each other and get better at promoting ourselves and building relationships online. 

Lisa B. Marshall
4-minute read
Episode #237

Men and women use social media differently.  We’re hanging out on different social media sites and we use social for different purposes.  In Part 1 of this mini-series, we’re going to explore some of the data behind this statement. In Part 2, we’ll talk about what men and women can learn from each other about promoting ourselves and building professional relationships online.>

I got interested in today's topic because  I recently interviewed Viveka von Rosen (better known as @linkedinexpert).  In her book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, she describes a difference in the usage of LInkedIn between men and woman.   That got me wondering if, in general, men and women use social media differently and what we might be able to learn from each other. 

I found an infographic posted on Social Media Today that breaks down social media usage between men and women. It turns out, women dominate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the social gaming platform, Zynga. Men lead in numbers on LinkedIn (but not by much), Google+ and YouTube.

Let’s look at these numbers a little closer:


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