5 More Tips for Networking During The Holidays

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Lisa B. Marshall,
December 16, 2010
Episode #115

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Tip #8: Volunteer or Take a Seasonal Position

Many organizations are stressed at holiday time and could use an extra set of hands. Why not consider doing something you’ve never done before. It’s a way to broaden your experience, meet new people, and give during the holidays.

Plus, if you’re temporarily unemployed, the sheer act of working will give you a confidence boost. And with the right attitude and dedication, you never know where it might lead. (If you do decide to give back this year, don’t forget to create a separate “seasonal” resume. Your seasonal or volunteer resume should be different from your regular resume.)

Tip #9: Perform Your Annual Web Career Review

I think the holidays are good time to remind yourself to review how others will find you when they do a web search. Have you Googled yourself recently? Are you participating in the current trifecta of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)? Do your online profiles need a make-over? Is your information up-to-date? Do your profiles represent your brand in the best possible way? Have you created and updated your PAAQ and your CAGE this quarter?

What are they, you ask? In my book, Ace Your Interview I recommend that all career professionals create (or update) their CAGE document. It’s a highly detailed repository of your career accomplishment, goals and experiences —different from your resume. It acts as your career memory and helps you uniquely prepare for each of your interviews. A PAAQ (Professionally Asked and Answered Questions) is a document created that gets sent along with your resume. You can see examples of PAAQs and other career tools at: http://www.interviewextras.com/.

The bottom line is that we all change over the course of a year and it’s a good idea to use some of your holiday down time to review and be certain you are representing yourself to the best of your abilities.

Tip #10 Have Fun!

Finally, have some fun and enjoy your family during the holidays. Remember to recharge your own batteries and renew your spirit and enthusiasm by taking some time for yourself. Go to that dance class you’ve been meaning to go to, go to the Rockapella holiday concert to put yourself in a good mood, listen to holiday music during your meals at home, or make your home festive and special. Enjoy a walk downtown with to see the lights and stop for some hot chocolate when you get a bit chilly. The more you can relax and enjoy the holidays, the more you’ll be able to genuinely give of yourself. (And yes, I did do all those things this year in the past few weeks.)

This holiday season give yourself a give and make the most of your networking efforts.

This is, The Public Speaker, Lisa B. Marshall, passionate about rich communication, your success is my business.

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