5 Tips for Networking During the Holidays

How to put some jingle into your holiday mingle.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Tip #3: Create Special Holiday Blog Posts or Podcast Episodes

If you have a blog or a podcast (or are planning to start one) you’ll be happy to know that podcast listening goes up over the holidays as people are given new devices as gifts. Take advantage of this rush to be heard by creating special “holiday” editions that will appeal to your ideal target audience. Perhaps you tie in Santa in someway--maybe a chiropractor writes about how he is giving Santa much needed adjustments during the holidays. Or perhaps you’re a communication specialist (like me) and you write a post about how to enjoy holiday parties through better mingling skills. Who knows, you might even get picked up by the media if you write an especially creative post. (Hint, Hint, I’m available for interview!)

Tip #4: Send a Surprise to Key People in Your Professional Network

The holidays provide an opportunity to give gifts. Consider sending a small holiday surprise by mail to a few “tweeple” (Twitter people or anyone in your professional network) that have helped you the most in the past year. If you are in job search mode, don’t forget to include good recruiters in your industry.

A unique present will make you memorable. Think about the person you want to impress. What do they like? What are they trying to achieve? Keep in mind that you want your gift to stand out, so avoid the typical chocolate or bath product. I plan to send a bit of fun this year—things that I know will bring smiles and laughter to receivers.

Tip #5: Send Business or Referrals to Members of Your Professional Network

Another type kind of gift altogether is the gift of business. Everybody appreciates a heartfelt referral or endorsement of his products and services. After all, word of mouth drives sales better than any other type of marketing. Consider mentioning a business in your newsletter, recommend people in a book or your blog, and/or provide them with favorable reviews on LinkedIn, their blog, or even Amazon. Alternatively, put someone in your network in contact with someone else who you know can help them. Oh, and depending on your goals, you may want to be sure the person knows where these helpful tributes and referral came from.

Next week, join me for five more tips.

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