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Are you an authentic communicator?

Lisa B. Marshall
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How to Communicate Authentically

I think most people know it’s a bad idea to communicate like an insincere telemarketer reading a script. But it may not be as clear what it means to be authentic, particularly in today’s world where personal and professional often blend together. And although my definition of how to communicate authentically is still evolving, I think it’s important to give it a try.

From a very broad perspective, I think being authentic means being comfortable in your own skin and willing to risk being yourself--being real--in front others. I learned very early in my career that it isn't impossible to please everyone, so I might as well just be myself. (In fact, after my very class that I ever taught I was reading the evaluation forms. The very first one said, “Lisa was too serious and didn’t smile enough” and the very next evaluation read, “Lisa included too much humor in the classroom. She needed to be more serious.”)

So how can you be yourself? How can you communicate authentically?

Communication counts. Whether you are communicating privately, speaking publicly, networking online or in-person, interviewing, resolving conflict, mentoring someone—really communicating in anyway—your ability to communicate effectively and authentically will have an impact on your success.

No matter what your profession, your ability to be a credible, engaging, and authentic will advance your career. It is important to share who you are in your own words and in your own way so that you can get the things you want. I think some that Oscar Wilde said sums up my feeling about what it takes to be an effective communicator today, “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”.

This is Lisa B. Marshall, passionate about communication your success is my business.

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