Effective Meetings

Do you use a productive process for managing meetings?

Lisa B. Marshall
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Be a Better Meeting Participant

As a meeting participant, make it a point to properly greet (remember the episode on handshaking) and say good-bye to your fellow participants, especially people you are meeting for the first time; it’s good manners and it’s good for building your internal network. Come prepared to meetings with ideas and be open to a healthy discussion. Be sure to verbally express your support of good ideas instead of silently agreeing or worse-- not paying attention or texting messages to someone across the room.

Speaking of technology, it can be distracting. I encourage you to consider a no Blackberries, no cell phone conversations in the room, and a no laptop rule. Yep, I said it, a no laptop rule! Success of meetings depends on engaged, focused people. Enough said.

Follow Up

After the meeting you need to follow up. Quickly distribute the notes and update any project plans. You may even want to check-in on progress mid-way between meetings. Finally, the last step is to think about what was effective or ineffective in the meeting so you can continue to improve your process.

So there you have it: tried-and-true tips for more effective meetings. By adhering to a slightly more rigid meeting process you can make significant gains in productivity. Participants will feel the time invested in your meetings was well spent. With your help, we all can avoid death by meeting!

Stay tuned, because next time we'll be discussing how to have better conference calls.

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