Get Better Results From Your PR Efforts

The Public Speaker’s 4 ways to step-up your public relations and communication skills so that you get better results from your publicity efforts.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #156

#2 Be Spicy, Spunky, Sassy, and a bit Salty

To gain the attention of the media you need to stand-out among the thousands of story ideas they are bombarded with each week. To do that, you’ll need to present your ideas in a spicy, spunky, sassy, or slightly salty manner. For example, recently, I submitted a pitch to a morning radio drive time radio show whose audience is mostly men. Here’s the title of the hook I pitched: “From the boardroom to the bedroom, score with flattery.” (Of course, I was referring to scoring points—what were you thinking?) I’m still honing my own process of writing great hooks, however, I recently read a great book by Sam Horn called POP! which I highly recommend if you are challenged when it comes to creating spicy, spunky, sassy, or salty phrases. 

#3 Always Respond Quickly

These days, people are used to getting information quickly.

In general, we’ve got a short window of patience before we begin to feel ignored. While you don’t have to let email, Tweets, status updates, or phone calls take over your entire day, don’t let messages go unanswered for too long. Not monitoring a published email address regularly, or allowing a phone to ring and ring will hurt your image. Respond to most messages received on work days with at least a short, personal (not automated) “thank you for your message,” within 24 hours. Upset customers will post on your Facebook page or write a bad online review that can hurt your business. Don’t let that happen.

Regarding PR requests from media, most are on tight deadlines and will go with whomever they can easily get a hold of. If you get a call from the media, respond as quickly as you can. Make yourself or your team available and flexible.

#4 Connect with the Community

Another approach to PR is to allow your company to have a presence in the community.


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