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The Public Speaker’s 4 ways to step-up your public relations and communication skills so that you get better results from your publicity efforts.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #156

This goes beyond simply placing advertisements. Look for more active opportunities to boost your company’s image. That way, you can tie your presence to your core values.

If you aren't making an intentional effort to get involved in community projects such as non-profit fundraisers, you are missing an opportunity to become friendly with the public at a level that resonates with their hearts. Be strategic. Align yourself with organizations and events that complement the types of services you offer.

For example, an investment firm could partner with projects and events that relate to preparing for the future, caring for the aged, or creating security for one’s family. The firm could give to a local college as a tie-in with providing Educational Savings Accounts. They can provide donations to senior citizen services since they help people plan for a secure future in their retirement age.

Finally, be sure to contact to the media to tell you story. Remember, pitch the story using a spicy, spunky, sassy, or slightly salty hook to gain attention. Then respond quickly when they call you because they want to cover your community event.

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