How to Be a Better Leader

3 tips on developing your leadership skills

Lisa B. Marshall,
February 2, 2012
Episode #143

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Tip #3: Facilitate Change Through Communication

Finally, excellent communication is critical. (You knew I was saving the most important tip for last, right?) Communication is how we inspire others, it’s how we set goals, and it’s ultimately how we achieve success. For great leaders, effective communication is a top priority.

Great leaders know how to communicate in a clear, concise, and compelling manner and invest in their team so that they in turn also become better communicators. Great leaders check-in and listen to their teams. They review priorities and communicate any changes. They repeat key messages and are generous with words of appreciation.

In addition, employees are encouraged to voice their concerns to the leader. And they are confident their suggestions will be heard and evaluated. Excellent communication is what allows leaders to make better decisions and is what encourages innovation.

Inspired leadership is not something that happens overnight. However, we can all be better leaders by establishing achievable goals and inspiring those around us through excellent communication.

This is Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker, passionate about communication, your success is my business.


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