How to Decide When to Say No

Learn how you can decide when to say yes and when to say no.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #107

The sign I have hanging up is a way for me to constantly reinforce my own values and goals as a compass to help keep me on course when I’m answering the above question.

Periodically Re-evaluate Your Goals

Then second part of the question, “does it contribute or continue to contribute to my longer-term goals in life,” is a reminder about re-evaluation. As we improve, we usually need to do even more to continue growing. So it’s important to also ask yourself when evaluating a new offer whether this action is the best way (or still the best way) to advance towards your goals.  Just because you did something last year doesn’t mean that you should automatically do it again this year. Keep in mind that when you say no to things you’ve always done, it gives you time to try new things (and besides it gives other people a chance to try new things).

In the next installment of how to say no, we’ll pick up from here with my final third quiz question and I’ll also cover a commonly used model for saying no. In the final installment I’ll cover very specific and practical ways to say no.

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