How to Lead a Guided Tour

The Public Speaker has the do's and don'ts of leading a guided tour.  Learn how to engage your group and make them want to come back for more. 

Lisa B. Marshall,
Episode #215

The Don'ts of a Great Tour Guide

Tip #1: Steer clear of politics. It may be tempting to make a political statement when it seems relevant, but you can offend your audience and get yourself into trouble by doing so. 

Tip #2: Don’t make culturally insensitive comments. If you’re unsure whether a comment about a group’s history or culture will offend or not, talk to someone in charge beforehand. If this isn’t possible, play it safe and leave the comment out.

Tip #3: Don’t walk or talk too fast. Make sure your group is keeping up with your walking pace as well as your speaking pace.

Tip #4: Don’t go over your time allotment. If the tour scheduled to run for 90 minutes, make sure you’re done in that time frame.

Whether you’re leading a tour through your company headquarters, a college campus, the local zoo or a museum, use these tips will make your tour a great experience for everyone..

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