How to Prepare and Deliver Media Interviews (Part 1)

Have you been asked to appear in a media segment? The Public Speaker has done plenty. From preparing for the interview, to following up afterward, check out these tips to start interviewing like a pro.

Lisa B. Marshall,
July 4, 2013
Episode #209

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Each show has its own rhythm; some interviews are more in depth and allow time to tell more stories. Other shows have a rapid pace and you’ll need to have quick, simple answers prepared. Be prepared to answer in sound bites – 30 seconds or less. Practice giving short answers that are both concise and memorable. Make every word count.

I’ve got more tips on how to better deliver interviews, but we’re out of time for this episode. Come back next week for topics like how to deal with an interview that goes off track, how to sound more dynamic, and how to follow up afterward to make sure you’re invited back.

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