How to Prepare and Deliver Media Interviews (Part 2)

Have you been asked to appear in a media interview? The Public Speaker provides more tips for doing better interviews, from preparation to follow up. Learn these tips to start interviewing like a pro.

Lisa B. Marshall,
Episode #210

Smart Talk by Lisa B. Marshall, The Public SpeakerThis is Part 2 of the mini-series on how to prepare and deliver media interviews. Check out Part 1 before you continue for my first tips on preparing for your media appearance.

One early morning my phone rang—I was making school lunches and listening to my daughter practice piano before school. It was the producer of an early morning talk show that I was scheduled to be on the following week.  He said, “Hi, Lisa, are you ready to go?” Without skipping a beat, I said “Yes, give me a second.”  I motioned to one daughter to stop practicing and asked the other to come finish making the lunches. I ran into the closet (which is the quietest place in my house) and delivered the interview..

It turned out the host had gotten the dates mixed up, but didn't realize it until we were done with the interview. This story demonstrates two very important points—always be prepared to deliver an interview and secondly, always make the host look good. 

Be Prepared at All Times

Besides being prepared well in advance, you should also be prepared for the interview to go completely off-track. I once had an interview where the first few questions had nothing to do with my book—the host apparently prepared for the wrong interview.  So, I had to carefully respond but also move the conversation toward the topics that related to me and my product. Thankfully, I had prepared ahead of time so was able to do a good interview on literally a moment’s notice.


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