How to Prepare and Deliver Media Interviews (Part 2)

Have you been asked to appear in a media interview? The Public Speaker provides more tips for doing better interviews, from preparation to follow up. Learn these tips to start interviewing like a pro.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #210

Say Thanks!

The end of the interview is the time to directly promote yourself—often the host will tell the audience where they can find more from you, but sometimes, it will be up to you. Be ready with your website or very brief promotional information. For most interviews, that’s it.

Keep in mind, the host still has a show to do, so don’t be surprised if they disappear as soon as your on air interview is over.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up. Send a thank-you email or card or perhaps consider sending a testimonial for their website. You might even recommend someone they might want to interview and offer to make an introduction. 

Review Your Performance

I know many of us find this painful, but reviewing video or audio of your appearance is the best way to improve your media skills. Listen and review your interview against a short checklist of your goals. Frankly, for me review is the hardest part of an interview and I’m guilty of sometimes skipping this step because I always think about what I could have done differently.  Don't be hard on yourself, it takes practice to get good at this.

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The more interviews you do, the better you will be at them. With today’s tips I hope you’re now ready to nail your interview.  I’ve got an interview later today, let’s see if I follow my own advice. 

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