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Lisa B. Marshall
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Listener Melinda writes:

I recently listened to your speech-making guide but I am still having trouble. I would like to promote my pet sitting business to local community groups by volunteering to be a speaker. I am having trouble coming up with ideas on what to speak about. Obviously, I can't do a 15 minute commercial for my services. I would like to be informative and fun. Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening Melinda and thanks for your question.

Promote Your Business With Public Speaking

Melinda, promoting your business through public speaking is a great idea! Free public seminars are a fabulous way to expand your customer base. They allow you to build stronger relationships with your current customers and with potential customers; plus they're an inexpensive and easy to get started. 

By delivering in-person presentations you'll show the audience your passion for your work. They’ll experience first hand your enthusiasm for pet sitting and your love for animals. This in itself will set you apart from your competition and create word-of-mouth buzz.

The bottom line is this; when you present yourself publicly and you make a good impression, you’re developing trust. And for many businesses, like yours and mine, we have to earn the trust of our clients before they hire us.

The bottom line is this: when you present yourself publicly and you make a good impression, you're developing trust.

You are exactly right when you say you can’t stand up and sell your services for 15 minutes. As you know, people won’t give up their valuable time to listen to a sales pitch.

Give Them Valuable Information Not A Sales Pitch 

However, people are interested in receiving valuable information. Be a resource. Teach them something. Think about what information you could share that’s very closely related to your services and that your target market would be interested in. As a pet sitter you should be looking for topics that would be of interest to cat lovers, dog lovers, fish lovers, bird lovers, or any animal lover.


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