Should You Write Your Own LinkedIn Recommendation?

Is it ever OK to write a recommendation for yourself?

Lisa B. Marshall
Episode #113

Blog reader Scott, writes: Without me asking for one, a previous co-worker offered to give me a LinkedIn recommendation but asked me to write it. What do you think about that?.

Should You Write Your Own LinkedIn Recommendation?

Hmmm. Well, Scott, I have to be honest, my first reaction was from my inner cynic. Negative Lisa thinks there’s a good chance that your previous co-worker was just fishing for a recommendation from you. He may have be thinking if he offered you a chance to write your own recommendation, then you might offer to let him write one for himself.

Do You Want a Recommendation From the Person?

So, Scott, my first question is: do want a recommendation from this person? If your answer is yes, then my next question would be: are you willing to endorse him in the same way? Of course, that’s not a requirement, but you’ll likely feel a bit of an obligation to reciprocate.

If your answer is still yes then here’s my quick and dirty tip—write yourself an awesome recommendation! (Not sure how to do that, you say? You guessed it, I previously wrote what turn out to be a very popular episode on writing great LinkedIn recommendations. In this case, you’ll just be recommending yourself but using the other person’s voice.) However, keep in mind that if we were all to do this, then LinkedIn recommendations would have no meaning. So, if you’re not comfortable doing that, then another option would be to just provide a simple outline of a few traits and experiences that you’d like highlighted and just send him that.


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