What Are the Communication Trends for 2011?

Stay ahead of the curve by learning the top 4 communication trends for 2011.

Lisa B. Marshall,
February 3, 2011
Episode #118

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Communication Trend #3: More Meaningful Interactions

However, Chris and I also talked about a shift. For example, he used to consider himself a “social media expert,” but now has been moving away from that term to use something that is broader and more comprehensive.

What happens is that after the social technology questions arise (what should we use?), the bigger—and definitely more important—questions begin to surface.   How will we use these social technologies to better communicate, to connect more deeply, and to strengthen collaborations? 

Many businesses (including my own) have spent the last several years trying to work that out. What exactly does it mean to conduct business in a social fashion? First, how do you interact and engage? Then, once you’ve earned some attention, what do you do next to build the relationship? How can you increase the perceived value of your offering? What goals do you set? How do you track and measure to see if you are moving in the right direction? How do you create social products? How do you earn the right to offer products in a way that honors the trust that you built?  

The bottom line for me is that businesses this year (if they haven’t already) will make a mindset shift. Social media is no longer a tool to tinker with. Smart businesses will make the connection that business was and always will be primarily SOCIAL. We buy from people we trust. Social media tools help us to build trust in ways that wasn’t possible in the past. 

Communication Trend #4: More Collaborative Sophistication

Not only do the social media tools help us in the area of trust, they also help us with collaboration. I suspect this coming year will see a similar increase in collaborative sophistication. Last year we saw significant problems with organizational communication when the automated foreclosure processes broke down. We need to better blend human and technology collaboration to improve decisions and responses. I think we’ll see some innovative solutions that improve collaborative communication processes. In addition, I think we’ll see more and more collaborations. We’ll see more successful attempts at “coopetition.”

So there you have it four trends in business communication for the coming year. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts over on the facebook page. 

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