What to Say on Mothers Day

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day present? Give the gift of communication and get closer to your mom.

Lisa B. Marshall
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Episode #154

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. It’s a perfect day to celebrate our mothers and show our gratitude and appreciation for their love, encouragement, and sacrifices. I rarely talk about my mother, but lately I’ve been thinking about her quite a bit..

I know many of you will make a trip to the card store and spend time carefully choosing a card with the right picture and the right words. Many of you will make reservations a local restaurant and buy some lovely flowers. For my Mother’s Day, I always request that my family help me to clean up my garden and plant new flowers. This year, I’ve asked for a new tree to be planted.

Today, however, I want to talk about the present that all mothers want: the gift of communication. All parents want a loving, caring relationship with their children. They want communication that builds and develops trust. They want communication that deepens and strengthens the bonds with their children. Mothers know that communication is the foundation of strong families. It’s the foundation for all of our relationships.  

Today, in honor of all mothers around the globe, here are 3 tips for better communication with your mom:

Tip #1: Express Your Appreciation

Don’t rely on a card or wait for a holiday to express your feelings. Take the time to think about all the positive things your mother has done for you, then explicitly tell her what you appreciate. Be specific. If you find it hard to say the words, then write it in a card or a letter. 

Tip #2: Ask Simple Questions

This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask your mom. When did I challenge your parenting skills the most? What makes me different from my brothers and sisters? When were you happiest being a mom? How did you feel when I announced I was leaving for a 2-month trip through Europe all by myself? (Of course, you’ll need to fill in your own reckless adventure on that one.) What were you thinking on my wedding day? Do you have any regrets? Did you life turn out the way you wanted it? What were your biggest disappointments?


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