Top 5 Free Apps for the Business Traveler

Easing the stress of travel and business, one app at a time. Here are you 5 must-have digital applications for more productive travel.

The Digital Marketer
1-minute read
  1. Google Apps – Google Apps will let you access your Gmail, Docs, Gtalk and other Google applications, thus improving your productivity on the road.
  2. AroundMe – When you first arrive to a new place, tap AroundMe to find an affordable hotel, a good restaurant, a gas station, a bank, or an ATM -- you name it.

  3. Bump – Bump is great for easily sharing contact information with other iPhone users. Just bump iPhones to instantly exchange contact information.

  4. Sit or Squat – Perfect for those times when you’re in an unfamiliar place and have to use the restroom, this free app tells you the conditions of the public bathrooms around you. You can even review and rate the ones you've used to help out a fellow traveler.

  5. Taxi Magic – Taxi Magic will let you reserve or order a taxi cab directly to your location. This app is especially useful when you are in a new place and don't know what number to call for a cab.

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