24+ 'Dead' Idioms: Dead Ringer, Dead in the Water, and More

The word "dead" has been in English since the time of "Beowulf," which has given it plenty of time to find a home in English idioms about death and more.

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An Incomplete List of ‘Dead’ Idioms

  1. Dead ahead
  2. Dead broke
  3. Dead calm
  4. Dead drunk
  5. Dead heat
  6. Dead letter
  7. Dead meat
  8. Dead ringer
  9. Dead silence
  10. Dead wrong
  11. Dead as a dodo
  12. Dead as a doornail
  13. Dead as a herring
  14. Dead cat bounce
  15. Dead in the water
  16. Dead of night
  17. Dead of winter
  18. Dead on your feet
  19. Dead to rights
  20. Dead to the world
  21. Better dead than red
  22. Flog a dead horse 
  23. The quick and the dead
  24. Get the dead needle (British)
  25. Makes a dead set at (British)

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