April Fools' Day Episode

I hope you enjoy this April Fools' Day show.

Will Ross, Writing for
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Episode #48


I hope you enjoy this April Fools' Day show. It was created by Will Ross.

[I quick-posted the transcript for the listeners stationed in Iraq. I didn't realize they can't listen! The editing may not be perfect, but here it is.]

[Will's voice] Grammar Girl here, today we’re going to talk about the semicolon--the Roger Clinton of the punctuation world. Considered more useful than the regular colon by most grammar scholars because of its ability to form a winking smiley face, which is far cuter then the traditional smiley face emoticon, the semicolon can also... [ring] Oh! Looks like we have a call!

[Call from Stewart, who comments on Grammar Girl's “hotness” and asks about bingoing, bingoed, and the plural of bingo.]

Hi, Stewart, and first off I’m sorry to hear about your battle with the mysterious assassin known only as “The Ninja.”  As for your comments on my smoking hotness, remember, Grammar Girl affected you with her hotness.  But the effect of her hotness, was you buying her a diamond tennis bracelet. 

I’m glad to hear about your newfound grammatical skills, and I’ll be glad to answer your question.  The short answer to your question is that if you win a game of bingo, you can say whatever you’d like. You’re a winner, and you get to make the rules. This is called the “Winners Write the Grammar Rule” which was created by Sir Ethan Fancybloomers, Lord of Wellingsly after his was the only ship of the line to fight the battle of Trafalgar from the shore after being run aground due to confusion about when the celebration rum was to be given to the sailors. Despite being put on the “honor system” to consume their rum only after Napoleon’s fleet was decimated, the entire crew of 415 jumped the gun leading to one of the most darkest moments in Royal Navy History. But I digress.

I use a simple device to remember the “winner’s rule.” Whenever you’re confused, just think “I before thee, after any victory.”  It’s this rule that makes any X-Box live victory trash talking grammatically correct, regardless of how it’s phrased.

Now back to the subject of ninjas. When describing a group of ninjas you…

Grammar Girl:  Will, what are you doing in my office?

Will: Ohhh, this is your office?  See, I get confused because our offices look so similar.

Grammar Girl:  Here’s a good way to tell them apart.  My office is in Arizona.

Will: Cool, I’ll just finish this one thing…

Grammar Girl: Out!

Will: Grammar Girl signing out!

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