Cookbooks in the Fridge?

Write your own caption for this crazy photo.

Mignon Fogarty
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Cookbooks in the Fridge?

What are those cookbooks doing in the refrigerator?

Facebook fans chose these winning captions:

1. To an English major, every shelf is a bookshelf. (Erin Joyce)

2. You know you've run out of space on your bookshelf when . . . (Kristy Lyseng)

3. Refrigerate after opening. (Jennifer Tison Wolfgang and George Anthony Harvey)

I was also fond of these two, but they were too long to fit in the poll:

A week later, on a warm summer evening, Mary finally discovered the gallon of milk she had carefully put away in a cupboard over the oven. (Julian Fountain)

Having been unsuccessful in her attempts to win her 13-year-old over to the idea that cooking is cool, Mrs. Smith tried the use of visual aids. (Laura Robezzoli Ellis)

If you have a better caption, leave it in the comments below!

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