Going From a Podcast to a Book: 'The Infinite Noise'

Lauren Shippen, the creator of one of my new favorite audio dramas, "The Bright Sessions," talks about turning a podcast into a novel and about going from working alone to working on multiple projects and managing whole teams.

Mignon Fogarty
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Episode #730

In this interview with Lauren Shippen, creator of "The Bright Sessions" podcast, we talk about how she wrote the novel "The Infinite Noise" that goes more deeply into the lives of two characters from the podcast: Caleb and Adam. 

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We also talked about:

  • What it's like to meet fans who made their own show art
  • How "The Bright Sessions" got started
  • What has happened to the actors who worked on "The Bright Sessions"
  • How Lauren made sure the characters' therapy sessions were authentic
  • What's the genetic connection between "Harry Potter" and "The Bright Sessions"
  • How Lauren learned to work with other writers and to work as an editor
  • How Lauren set the characters' limits
  • What makes the book different from the podcast
  • How Lauren got her agent and book deal
  • How long it took "The Bright Sessions" to find an audience
  • What to expect from her other current and future projects including Passenger List, Marvels, and a secret project

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the player above or by finding the Grammar Girl podcast on any podcasting app, but if you prefer to read it, we also have a complete (rough) transcript.

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