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Every week I see interesting stories about language, grammar, punctuation, and usage. These were my favorites last week. 

Mignon Fogarty
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top 33. E. B. White Explains Why He Wrote Charlotte's Web. E.B. White wrote many children's books and he is also the White of The Elements of Style (often called simply Strunk & White). As a usage lover who also wants to write fiction, I was especially curious to hear White's rationale for writing. His letter is a delightful read, not only for his insight ("A book is a sneeze"), but also for his language ("… she was fixing to become a mother"). (h/t @PublishingGuru)

2. 21 Signs That Every Day Is National Book Lovers Day for You. If you're like me, you'll find yourself nodding and thinking "Yes!" through this fun little slideshow.

1. The Grimm Brothers Weren't Just About Fairy Tales. They Also Transformed How We Think About Language. Although the Grimms are known for their fairy tales, "Jacob Grimm was also a pioneering genius in the young field of linguistics, the man behind 'Grimm's Law,' one of the first laws ever discovered that describes how language changes." (h/t @NOVAlanguages)

Honorable Mentions:

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