How to Make Product Names Plural

Some simple rules will keep you from being confounded when you’re trying to figure out how to make proper nouns such as “iPhone 6,” “iPhone 6S,” and “Blackberry” plural.

Mignon Fogarty,
Episode #515

How to Make Weird Nouns Plural

Last week, Apple executive Philip Schiller objected to people using regular plural rules to make Apple product names plural. It must have been a slow news day because Schiller’s tweets led to multiple high-profile news stories, none of which actually got to the real reason Schiller made his comments, which those of you with an extremely good memory will remember that I talked about nearly three years ago. 

First, here’s what happened. 

Two Silicon Valley guys were talking on Twitter about whether they should say they have two iPad Pros or two iPads Pro. Then Schiller jumped in to say, “One need never pluralize Apple product names. Ex: Mr. Evans used two iPad Pro devices.”

People on Twitter generally seemed to think this seemed ridiculous and Business Insider, Mac Rumors, and others turned it into a story. Woohoo, Twitter spat!

But none of the articles seemed to realize that Apple has had this policy about making product names plural for years, it’s been on the Apple website, and it’s all about trademarks. 


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