I Love You: A Subject-Object Valentine

Why “I love you” is the easiest way ever to remember the difference between subject and object.

Mignon Fogarty,
February 7, 2013
Episode #355

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Practice Sentences

Underline the subject, draw a circle around the direct object, and shade over the indirect object (if there is one).

1. Sarah gave Chester a noodle.
2. Lucy colored pages.
3. Benson lit matches.
4. He sang Ursula a song.
5. They wrote him a message.
6. Placer sent her a yellow rose.
7. Trey made funny noises.
8. She smugly flipped her hair.
9. Laura rowed the boat.
10. Renaldo licked the lollipop.
11. (Bonus) Lilly danced.

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